Mulled Wine [Glögg]

After weaving your birds, you deserve a proper cup of glögg [mulled wine]. When you make it yourself, you have the opportunity to add a personal twist and adjust it to your taste. Drink carefully and hand over the car keys.

1 l of good red wine
1 tsp cardamom
1/2 tbsp pomeranian peel
1/2 tbsp whole cloves
2 bars of cinnamon
1 dl of tasty rum
1 orange
Chopped almonds
Sugar till it fits your taste

Recipe method:
Put cloves and cinnamon in a gauze bag or similar and pour rum over. Pomeranian peel and cardamom are also added. Put the mixture aside for 1-2 days.

Add red wine together with the chopped almonds. Heat up the mulled wine without boiling. The orange is pressed and the juice is added.

Depending on the intended effect, either (soda) water or extra rum can be added. Sweetened to your liking and enjoyed in a glass so that the beautiful color is visible.

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