Rolled Meat Sausages [Rullepølse]

If you are used to sliced ​​cold meats where the number of E numbers is inversely proportional to the flavor content, a homemade sausage roll will be a revelation.

1 boneless lamb breast from a large lamb

2 liters of water
400 g of salt
50 g of sugar

2 bunches parsley
4 finely chopped shallots 4 tablespoons sesame seeds
1 tsp ground pepper

The layer is boiled and cooled.
The lamb breast soaks in the sheet for 2-3 days.
The lamb breast is spread out and dried, after which the filling is distributed evenly.
The chest is rolled and tightened with cotton string.
Boil for 2-2 1⁄2 hours and cool in the sheet.
Press in a sausage roll press or in a baking tin with something heavy on top.

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