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The letter bandit

The letter bandit

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The letter bandit is a "reverse" ABC, where one specific letter is removed in each story. The story A is thus cleaned of A's, the story B is cleaned of B's, etc. The result is 29 stories where opinion and jurisprudence are rather surprising.

Hairpins become hairpins, and then the gecko is unleashed!

The letter bandit is a Dadaist collection of 29 small humorous texts, where new word images and meaningless gibberish force the reader on a surprising linguistic journey. The letter bandit is a whimsical play with language and an (un-)serious approach to the concept of spelling.

Welcome to a round of dyslexic pleasure reading in Bogstavbanditten .

Product information:
Author: Lars Holmsted
Illustrator: Lykke Bianca
Publisher: ABC
Description: Book in hard cover
Number of pages: 68
Release date: 2021

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