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Jule Fugle Flet 2

Jule Fugle Flet 2

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Jule Fugle Flet 2 (Woven Birds 2)

Please note that this book is only available in Danish. 

"Putting up a spruce tree in the living room in December is totally normal in most Danish homes. In my family, we are of the opinion that the tree is missing the birds of the forest. Maybe that's why we weave birds for Christmas ..."

The book contains the following 24 birds:
Razorbill, Junglefowl, House Sparrow, Bullfinch, Curlew, Eider, Barn Swallow, Pelican, European Roller, Buzzard, Peacock, Grey Heron, Ringed Plover, Greenfinch, Northern Hawk Owl, Long-tailed Duck, Whooper Swan, Bohemian Waxwing, Snow Bunting, Fieldfare, Black-headed Gul, Green & Black Woodpecker, Crested Lark and Great Bittern.

Author: Lars Holmsted
Publisher: Mellemgaard
Written language: Danish
Description: Book with soft cover
Pages: 61


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