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Jule Fugle Flet 4

Jule Fugle Flet 4

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Jule Fugle Flet 4 (Woven Birds 4)

Please note that this book is only available in Danish. 

"You're sitting with the book Woven Birds number four in hand. As in the three previous books, I present 24 weave-ready birds, which means that it is now possible to braid quite a lot different birds. Plenty for you to stay busy (and joyful) decorating your own tree from December 1st until Christmas Day - or all year around."

The book contains the following 24 birds:
Mallard, Mallard Duckling, Linnet, Moorhen, White Wagtail, Redstart, Treecreeper, Icterine Warbler, Mountain Bluebird, Shoebill, Magpie, Emu, Red & White Ibis, Black-tailed Godwit, Dodo, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Frigatebird, Cardinal, Pied Avocet, Ruff, Toco Toucan, Hornbills, European Goldfinch and Hummingbird. 

Author: Lars Holmsted
Publisher: Mellemgaard
Written language: Danish
Description: Book with soft cover
Pages: 60


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