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Parakeet (green)

Parakeet (green)

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The parakeet (Psittacidae) is a type of small parrot most often with relatively long tails. The parakeets come in many variations and in many colors. Originally, the parakeets come from Central and South America, but many have escaped captivity and have established themselves in large flocks, such as in Amsterdam's parks.

DIY kit
With this package you get everything you need to weave your bird. However, you will also need a gluestick. The package include a step-by-step guide, paper parts ready for weaving, extra parts to finish your bird and a handle to make your bird fly.

If you want to try from scratch, selected birds are also available as templates.

Product information:
The birds are handmade from paper and will thus vary in color and finish.
Difficulty: ★ ☆ ☆
Size: ≈ 9 x 16 cm / 3½ x 6¼ "
Material: Glossy paper in different colors
Mounting: Paper handle is included
Packaging: The bird comes in a nice cover
🇩🇰 Made and designed in Denmark by Flettede Fugle

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