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Star Holder

Star Holder

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Star holder for the Christmas tree
With this star holder you can get your star on top of the Christmas tree. We have hand bent this metal spiral for the purpose. The metal is stiff enough to hold the star and at the same time soft enough to be adapted to the individual tree. A simple design in a classic brass colour.

Can I make a star holder myself?
Yes, of course you can and it can look many ways. It can, for example, be a thin (approx. 2 mm), long (min. 22 cm) stick or rod, which is attached to the top of the tree (e.g. a stocking pin). A strong piece of steel wire can also be used.

Product information:
Material: Metal
Size: ≈ Ø 2.5 cm & 28 cm long
Packaging: The star holder is sold loose without packaging
🇩🇰 Hand bent in Denmark by the Papirfamilien

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